Vinyasa yoga is a series of postures flowing seamlessly into the next, uniting body, mind, and breath. Vinyasa class is unique, creating the opportunity to become stronger, more flexible, and balanced, while practicing being present to the moment. This class is built to incorporate all levels offering modifications and advanced postures for each movement.


Yoga toning has a strong focus on strength and intensity. Sculpt combines a mixture of resistance training, and high impact making this class unlike a typical yoga class and more of a full body workout. This class brings the mind – body connection mentally physically. 



Namaste friends! I am Ashley Redwanski and I am a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. I started my teaching journey 5 years ago after 3 chapters into the book “Light is the New Black”. I was deeply inspired and registered for a teacher training program on a whim.  Fitness and wellness has been a passion most of my life, so adding the body, mind, connection aspect just made sense. I have now been teaching 4 years all around the world. I have taught classes in Florida, Guam, and even Thailand! Traveling, and experiencing as much as I can in life brings me so much joy. I am a mom of 3; and have been married 10 years. This year marks 12 years as a military family, and we have finally decided to hang up my husbands uniforms and settle back into our hometown of Fort Wayne. So here I am, so excited to share yoga with all of you!

Join Ashley starting Monday, November 29th!


Monday’s 10:45a Vinyasa Yoga



Wednesday’s Vinyasa Yoga 9:30a 


Friday’s 9:30a Yoga Toning