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This year each dancer will be auditioning their group dances in order to participate in each competition. If a dancer is not ready to perform with the rest of the group (e.g., falling out of turns, not having emotion, forgetting choreography, not straightening knees, etc.), then that dancer will not be competing. Audition weeks will happen the week before every fee due date, so that parents will know to adjust the fee amount, if needed. Weeks before each audition week, we will let the dancer know what they need to work on.

If money for each competition is not received by the due date, the dancer will not be participating. We will not accept late competition payments.

Company Members Attire for 2016 Season

Makeup kit: 

The basics for entire season:
Black leotard (Standing Ovation)
Black booty shorts (item 16005, Katrina Wear)
Tan shorts (Katrina Wear), tan flexfit
Crystal dance earrings (Standing Ovation)
Black fishnets with seam (Standing Ovation)
Suntan Capezio tights (to wear under fishnets)
6-row choker (from Studio)
Bun Maker (Walgreens or Wal-Mart)
Fake eyelashes
It Stays body adhesive (online or medical store)
Company or KMX jumpsuit (from Studio)

Competition Rules for PARENTS and Dancers:

  1. If your dancer has a solo, please have her music on your phone so you can go over her dance while she is waiting for instructors to run through the routine with her. Hint: don't stress over getting your dancer prepared (clothing, hair, makeup) and stretched. If you stress out, your dancer will stress out. If you're calm, your dancer will be calm!
  2. Do not rush to get an act on stage. All competition schedules are subject to change. Be aware that a dance could go on stage earlier than planned. We WILL NOT WAIT for a family member to arrive before putting a dance on stage. Likewise, if your dancer is the first performer for each day of competition, your dancer must be dressed and ready when the doors open, which could one- to two-hours before the first dance is listed to start. Otherwise, your dancer must be COMPLETELY dressed and ready two hours before her performance throughout the competition. Schedules are subject to change.
  3. Make sure your dancer has ALL necessary items required for each dance, and that they are LABELLED. Not having all necessary items may result in a dancer NOT PARTICIPATING in that dance. Dancer must arrive two hours early, dressed and ready to perform -- THE SCHEDULE MAY CHANGE.
  5. In the dressing room, do not move anyone's items without permission. Further, stay out of the dressing room unless you must be in there to assist the dancer, then leave when you are done. Do not leave valuable items unattended in the dressing room (e.g., jewelry, laptops, money, etc.). No men or boys are allowed in the dressing room. Pay attention to signs such as "No Food". Make sure items are turned off or unplugged. Dancers must have permission from Kristin before leaving the dressing room to watch other dances.
  6. Once your dancer is ready and warmed up, parents should sit in the audience with other Studio parents (i.e., not with instructors or dancers). Support and cheer for all Studio performances, whether or not your child is part of that performance. Dancers and parents are representing the Studio.
  7. Please bring plenty of (healthy) snacks and drinks for your dancer to have throughout the day. Do not allow your dancer to eat or drink while in costume unless the costume is completely covered. (See above rule that costumes CANNOT BE WASHED.) If you must take your dancer off-site to eat, you must be back at the competition site **one hour before the next performance**. WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO TRACK YOU DOWN.
  8. All dancers must be present and sit together during the award ceremony. One designated person from each dance (whether duet, trio, group dance) will receive the award. This person may change for each award. Soloists will receive her own award. All awards (ribbons, trophies, certificates) MUST be handed to Kristin after ceremony.
  9. All money awarded to duets, trios, and group acts will be given to the Studio to go towards future choreography fees, music, travel expenses, etc. All money awarded to soloists will be given to the soloist AFTER it is recorded at the Studio. Please hand money awards to Kristin IMMEDIATELY following the award ceremony.
  10. How to get you, your dancer, your family, and perhaps even the entire Studio disqualified from the competition:
    1. Being rude and/or disrespectful to other Studio dancers, parents, or teachers.
    2. Embarrassing your child with yelling, arguing, anger.
    3. Not paying attention to the photographer or video rules (see #h below).
    4. Speaking negatively about (trash-talking) other dancers, parents, routines, costumes -- not only in public competition areas, but also in the dressing rooms.
    5. Being disruptive and talking loudly during Studio or other routines.
    6. Publicly demonstrating your anger during award ceremony or with your dancer's placement.
    7. Cell phone ringing and/or talking on cell phone during performances.
  11. No dancer will participate in that competition if tuition and fees are not current.

Performance Prep

Performance Prep

The Face:

Foundation - A liquid or liquid-to-powder foundation that is the same color as the dancer's face.

Powder - Each dancer may want to have a pressed powder compact in their makeup bag to help stop the "shiny face" effect when they sweat under the hot lights.

The Eyes:

Base color - Each dancer must have a light beige color that will be applied over the entire eye.

Center and lid color - Each dancer must have a medium brown that will be applied to the eye lid and slightly darker in the crease of the eye.

Once the colors are applied in the order listed above, they must be slightly blended to create a smooth transition between the colors and provide dimension to the eye which may seem like a lot of makeup up close, but will “pop” on stage.

Eyeliner - Each dancer must wear black eyeliner (no brown!!). We must have the black on the top and bottom lids to make the eyes stand out over the eyeshadow.

Eyelashes - All Companies are to wear fake eyelashes on top and apply a few coats of black mascara to bottom lashes.

The Cheeks:

Each dancer must have a dark rose color blush that will accentuate the cheek bones. Begin application of the blush directly under the center of the pupil and brush in a circular upward motion, being careful not to bring the color too close to the hair line by the ears. Once the color is applied, lock it in with a gentle dab of powder. This will set the color into the skin and postpone reapplication throughout the day.

The Lips:

Each dancer must have cherry red lipstick. A great brand which is also long-lasting is MAC Red. The MAC line can be purchased at Macy’s in Glenbrook Mall. Cheaper versions can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc. Please make sure it is a cherry red and not a maroon color. To help stop the lips from drying due to the texture of the lipstick, each dancer may want to apply a clear gloss on top of the red to add moisture.

The Body:

Please use lotion so that skin is not dry.


Absolutely NO COLORED FINGER OR TOE NAIL POLISH ALLOWED. French manicure or clear polish is acceptable.


We suggest practicing the hair styles a day or two before the show if you are not sure if your child's hair will hold up.