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K. Monique's Car Decals

Car decal order forms are available at the front desk.
Prices are $10 for the logo decal, and $18 for logo with name decal.

Company Clothing

Company Attire: Please make sure your child has all the proper attire and shoes for class. Sports bra and bootie shorts are required in all technique classes. All dancers must have Company leotards (found at Standing Ovation) for ballet, and tights with no bootie shorts must be worn. Hair must be pulled up and away from the face. If your child is missing any of the aforementioned items, they will not be allowed to participate in class!!

Parents Announcements

Missing classes and rehearsals: If your dancer needs to miss a class or rehearsal, CALL THE STUDIO, not Kristin's cellphone. Leave a voicemail if no one answers the Studio phone.

Private Lessons and Parent Etiquette: Reminder that payment for **each** private lesson must be made in advance, with the check written to the instructor, NOT the Studio. Also, there is a set of etiquette rules for parents when their dancer is having private lessons. Parents MUST remain in the hallway until the last five minutes of the private lesson. At that time, you may enter the room to watch and ask questions of the instructor. Interrupting lessons will not be tolerated any longer. If you must pull your dancer from class early, please have Andrea get your dancer from class. Parents are also not allowed in the kitchen area, nor allowed to walk through dance rooms. The Studio phone, computer, and front desk are **only for use by KMSOD staff**.

Lost & Found Bins: From time to time, please check the Lost & Found bins. There are many items that could belong to your dancer!

Food Policy: Please bring a water bottle, beverages, and snacks with you! It's difficult to teach students who are suffering from dehydration, hunger, and/or low blood sugar. A refirigerator is at the Studio if items need it.